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What is Wild Water Rafting?

This is a sporting activity which is pretty much identified by its name. It creates the need for using a raft to navigate bodies of water that are fast moving and present a variety of different challenges. It is a sport that demands teamwork because of the many kinds of manoeuvres that are needed to be successful at it. It is classed as a high-risk sport because of the many potential dangers that participants may be faced with.

Wild Water Rafting Classifications

This has become a popular sport, partly because there are many different types of bodies of waters which can be utilized. This has allowed for the classification of wild water rafting or as it is sometimes called white water rafting. The classifications are based on the types of rapids that will have to be overcome during the rafting event. Each rafting experience is unique and no two experiences are ever the same.

Anyone new to this particular water sport should begin by making sure they understand the safety measures which are needed, and to start by tackling the lower level classifications first.

Best Places for Wild Water Rafting

Almost every country has a collection of bodies of water which can offer some tremendous wild water rafting experiences. Some of the most highly recognized destinations for a great experience are as follows:

  • Canada
  • The USA
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Zimbabwe